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Acetate Frames Produce

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1、 Depot Line Section

1. Cutting: Cut raw materials into blocks of the required length and shape.

2. Precision carved inner and outer rings: According to the size and model required by the order or engineering drawing, use CNC to carve the inner and outer rings, so that the basic shape of the front frame of the glasses is obtained.

4. Assembly (Assembly of Zhuangtou, Assembly of Leaves): The purpose of assembly is to assemble the Zhuangtou and leaves onto a frame that has already been rolled into the inner and outer rings. Soak the head, leaves, and shelf in the potion. When assembling the head and leaves, first pick up the shelf and place it in place, then assemble the head or leaves onto the shelf as required. Place the assembled shelf of the farm head into the air compressor for pressure.

5. Handmade. Use a file, blade, and file to manually polish the shelf to make it scratch free, smooth, and scratch free.

6. Bend the frame, heat it up, and bend it to a suitable curvature. Place the bent shelf in ice water to quickly cool down and prevent the curvature from rebounding and restoring. In this way, the pre process of the front frame is basically completed.

7. Spleen preparation process: Spleen cutting, spleen planing, gong spleen, copper needle punching, slingshot sleeve punching, scraping, labeling, filing, etc.

2、 Grinding part. After the previous process of the front frame and spleen is completed, subsequent processes such as rolling, pinning, and polishing will proceed.

1. Wash and polish. Wash, polish, and blow dry the finished rings and rings in an ultrasonic machine. Soak the dried rings and cups in acetone, wash the dead corners and edges smooth, and then blow dry them.

2. Rolling Tung: Mix the cleaned and polished rings or pieces with wood particles and put them into the drum to make them smooth and shiny.

Three steps of the drum

1) Coarse rolling: The materials used are large wood particles, engine oil, and diesel. The purpose is to remove the knife marks on the ring and blade.

2) Medium rolling: The material used is medium wood particles and medium rolling oil. The purpose is to remove the pitted spots on the circles and rings.

3) Smooth rolling: The material used is small wood particles and smooth rolling oil. The purpose is to polish the rings and rings smooth, shiny, and free from pits.

3. Polishing the ring and blade (roughening): Grind the ring and blade after entering the drum to remove knife marks.

4. Grinding head: Grind the head of the assembled rubber frame to make it smooth.

5. Throwing yellow wax: The order is: bottom, face, circle, nose bridge, left/right Zhuangtou.

6. Wash the glue rack and air dry it.

7. Light frame: Remove small pits and sand holes from the frame to make it shiny.

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