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Optical Frames

Effect:Can be used for daily decoration and beauty, most of them are used to replace prescription lenses in medicine, and are aimed at myopia or presbyopia groups. As protective glasses, protect your eyes.
Field:Daily / medical / industrial, etc.


Effect:Can be used for daily blocking of ultraviolet rays, sun protection, eye protection, fashion accessories, wearing accessories,sports outdoor essential.
Field:Daily / summer / tourism / holiday / sports outdoor / protection etc.

Reading Glasses

Effect:Reading glasses, also known as reading glasses, are a type of optical products used for people with presbyopia. They are convex lenses. Reading glasses are mainly to meet the needs of people with presbyopia. It can be equipped with presbyopic lenses.However, we provide different materials and frame options, so that reading glasses have become a fashion, special shapes, portable equipment, foldable models, etc. are the best-selling products of presbyopia in recent years.
Field:Daily / medical /Health&Vision, etc.

Kids Glasses

Effect:The same nature as the optical frame, but the group of people is children. Most of them are used to replace prescription lenses in medicine. Myopia, hyperopia, and children with amblyopia can be. As protective glasses, protect your eyes.
Field: Daily / medical / Health, etc.


Effect:The lens is a transparent material with one or more curved surfaces made of optical materials such as glass or resin. After polishing, it is often assembled with the spectacle frame to form glasses to correct the user's vision and obtain a clear vision.Lenses can be divided into glass lenses, resin lenses, PC lenses, etc. according to different materials.The lenses can be divided into daily general lenses, protective lenses, and multifocal lenses according to the use function.Coated lenses can reduce the reflected light on the surface of the lens, make the vision clear, reduce the reflected light on the mirror surface, increase the light transmittance, solve the problem of taking pictures under strong light, and increase the beauty. Coated lenses prevent damage to vision by ultraviolet, infrared, and X-rays. The coated glasses are not easy to fatigue, and the eyesight of the staff in front of the screen can be protected.

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